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How we select the best QA engineer

A quick look at our vetting process

1. Standard Aptitude + QA Assesment

We begin by evaluating candidates' aptitude, relevant experience and knowledge as a software quality assurance engineer with our preliminary assessment.

2. Personality and Communication Evaluation

Our expert hiring managers conduct a cultural interview to gauge a candidate's personality, communication skills, and passion for work.

3. Technical Interview

UnbugQA’s Senior QA Experts screen candidates in a live interview call based on domain expertise, knowledge and problem solving approach.

4. In-Depth Technical Challenge

Candidates are challenged to demonstrate their technical abilities by solving a software testing task created by experienced experts.

We check every box

A little comparison to show the value we bring to the table
Time to find Expert QA Engineer
UnbugQATypical Employment Some Market Place
Less than 1week1 - 2 Weeks3 - 4 Weeks
Pre-Screened QA Engineer
Unbug-QATypical Employment Some Market Place
Quality Guarantee
Unbug-QATypical Employment Some Market Place
Project Manager to Supervise
Unbug-QATypical Employment Some Market Place
Not all cases
Failure Rate
Unbug-QATypical Employment Some Market Place
Very LowLowLow - Very High
Relevant Work Experience
Unbug-QATypical Employment Some Market Place

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Access to diverse talent pool

Access a pool of skilled QA professionals with diverse expertise and experience to find the perfect fit for your software team.

No upfront fees

No upfront fees required to use our platform, making it easy to start outsourcing software quality assurance engineer.

Faster hiring process

Our platform simplifies the hiring process, allowing you to quickly find and hire the right QA professionals.

Save costs

Outsourcing QA through our platform can help you save money compared to hiring in-house staff.

Scale quickly

Easily scale your QA team up or down to accommodate changes in project demands.

Dedicated support

Receive dedicated support for any questions or concerns during the outsourcing process.

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